Easy Ideas to Get Rid of Leftover Halloween Candy

Halloween is one of our family’s favorite holidays. The boys love coming up with their costumes, dressing up on the big day, and trick or treating throughout our neighborhood. And, of course, we all love the candy! The problem comes the day after Halloween when we’ve all had more than enough candy and still have SO MANY leftover sweets and treats. So, what’s a family to do? We know that much sugar isn’t good for us, our kids or our teeth.

Here are four easy ways to recycle your extra Halloween candy without just tossing it in the trashcan.

  1. Donate it to our Operation Candy Buy Back – On Monday, Nov. 4 and Tuesday, Nov. 5 bring your extra candy to our office and receive $1 for each pound of candy you donate (maximum of $5 per child). We’ll send the candy to troops who are serving our country overseas.
  2. Introduce the Switch Witch – A friend of ours does this with her kids and it works like a charm. First, let your kids pick out an appropriate amount of candy to keep or eat on Halloween night. Next, let them know that while they’re asleep on Halloween night the Switch Witch will take the rest of the candy. In the place of the candy, leave them a small surprise. Or, for older kids, just tell them you’re taking the candy and they can have $5 or $10 to spend on a new toy instead.
  3. Save it to use later – If you’re hosting a birthday party soon, save the extra candy to use in a pinata or in the goodie bags. Re-using the Halloween candy will save you the expense of buying new treats. You could even save it and use it decorate a gingerbread house or gingerbread man cookies during the holidays.
  4. Use it in trail mix – If you have candy that will mix well into a homemade trail mix, try that this year. You can choose healthy options for the other ingredients and let the Halloween candy provide the sweet part of the trail mix.  

And remember, the day after Halloween is National Brush Day. Be sure to help your kids brush for two minutes, twice a day every day.